Jamie L. Rothfeder

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Many libraries, museums, and other organizations contain large collections of handwritten historical documents, for example, the papers of early presidents like George Washington at the Library of Congress. The first step in providing recognition/retrieval tools is to automatically segment handwritten pages into words. State of the art segmentation(More)
Libraries contain enormous amounts of handwritten historical documents which cannot be made available on-line because they do not have a searchable index. The wordspotting idea has previously been proposed as a solution to creating indexes for such documents and collections by matching word images. In this paper we present an algorithm which compares whole(More)
Training and evaluation of techniques for handwriting recognition and retrieval is a challenge given that it is difficult to create large ground-truthed datasets. This is especially true for historical handwritten datasets. In many instances the ground truth has to be created by manually transcribing each word, which is a very labor intensive process.(More)
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