Jamie L. Partridge

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This study reports a national survey of U.S. states that was conducted from July of 1999 through March of 2001. The lack of consistent data on serious mental illness (SMI) provided the impetus for this study. Data was collected through a survey on states' definitions of SMI, on demographic information for patients with SMI, and on total annual per capita(More)
Among hospitalized patients, malnutrition is prevalent yet often overlooked and undertreated. We implemented a quality improvement program that positioned early nutritional care into the nursing workflow. Nurses screened for malnutrition risk at patient admission and then immediately ordered oral nutritional supplements for those at risk. Supplements were(More)
This paper utilizes an enhanced gravity model to estimate the effect of lagged immigration waves on Canadian imports and exports, by province. Empirically, this model was tested using Canadian data on import and export flows to the top 40 countries of origin for immigrants to Canada based upon the composition of the most recent wave of immigrants. The(More)
A new set of high Reynolds number experiments (Re = riΩi∆r ν ∼ 10 − 10) are conducted to examine the layer formation observed in stratified Taylor–Couette flow. A wider range of radius ratios η = ri ro (where ri and ro are the radii of the inner and outer cylinder, respectively) than previously possible is explored to examine the universality of the(More)
1. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2. Precision Health Economics (PHE), Los Angeles, CA, USA. 3. Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA. 4. Harris School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. 5. Abbott Nutrition, Columbus,(More)
Laboratory experiments on the stratified shear flow in an inclined duct are reported. Stratified turbulence is observed in this two-layer exchange flow, whose dissipation is controlled by the duct inclination and compares in intensity with that observed in geophysical contexts. A setup enabling three-dimensional (3D) simultaneous Particle Image Velocimetry(More)
We present simultaneous two-dimensional velocity and scalar concentrations measured on a central vertical plane in a turbulent plume. We use an edge-detection algorithm to determine the scalar plume edge, and compare the data obtained in both a fixed Eulerian frame and relative to local plume coordinates defined in terms of the instantaneous plume edge. We(More)
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