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Species richness, endemism and ecology of crustacean assemblages in northern California vernal pools
Ephemeral pools occur worldwide, provide habitat for organisms with a variety of life history strategies, and may have served as evolutionary refugia for some taxa since Mesozoic times. Yet, ourExpand
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Conductance and Rapidly Mixing Markov Chains
Conductance is a measure of a Markov chain that quantifies its tendency to circulate around its states. A Markov chain with low conductance will tend to get ‘stuck’ in a subset of its states whereasExpand
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The Kraepelinian dichotomy in terms of suicidal behaviour.
The Kraepelinian dichotomy sees schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as two distinctly separate diseases each with its own pathogenesis and disease process. This study looks at the difference betweenExpand
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