Jamie Kettleborough

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Climateprediction.net aims to harness the spare CPU cycles of a million individual users' PCs to run a massive ensemble of climate simulations using an up-to-date, full resolution, three dimensional atmosphere-ocean climate model. The project has many similarities with other public-resource high-throughput activities but is distinctive in a number of ways(More)
project is developing the software necessary to carry out such a project in the public domain. 1 In this article, we describe the development of the demonstration release software, along with the computational challenges such as data mining, visualization, and distributed database management that the project will address in the future. The project(More)
Large-scale distributed computing projects have many security concerns due to their public and often " open " nature. Climateprediction.net (CPDN) is taking the concept of public-resource, high-throughput Grid computing a stage further, by using it for a major piece of modeling research. The aim is to harness the spare CPU cycles of potentially millions of(More)
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