Jamie Hopkinson

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BACKGROUND The effects of immediate postoperative enteral nutrition on postoperative nitrogen balance and insulin resistance were studied in patients subjected to an enhanced-recovery protocol. METHODS Eighteen patients undergoing major colorectal surgery in an enhanced-recovery protocol were randomized to immediate postoperative enteral feeding for 4(More)
Leakage of artificial cerebrospinal fluid through human dura was measured in vitro after puncture by spinal needles. Fluid loss tailed off in all cases and ceased within 5 minutes in 10% of punctures made with a 22-gauge needle, 28% made with a 26-gauge and 65% made with a 29-gauge needle (p less than 0.05). The fluid loss was not reduced by alignment of(More)
This study examined the disposition of olsalazine and its metabolites into breast milk after the ingestion of a single dose of 500 mg olsalazine. Blood and serum samples were obtained for 48 hours after the ingestion of 500 mg olsalazine in a 39-year-old lactating woman. Blood samples were obtained at .0, .5, 1, 2, 4,6, 24.5, 26, and 48 hours. Maternal milk(More)
In order to compare an acceleromyograph (TOF-Guard) with a mechanomyograph (Grass FT03), the dose-response relationship of rocuronium was simultaneously determined in both arms of 15 children aged 3-11 years during anaesthesia with thiopentone, alfentanil and nitrous oxide. Three subgroups of five children received rocuronium 120, 180 or 240 micrograms.kg-1(More)
We studied 681 patients in a randomised, multicentre, double-blind, parallel group trial designed to assess the incidence of headache following spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section using four different pencil point spinal needles. The needles used were: Whitacre 25G (n = 170), Polymedic 25G (n = 170), Sprotte 24G (n = 173) and Polymedic 24G (n = 168).(More)
The first comprehensive field trial using an insect small RNA virus as a control agent on a cropping system was conducted with the Helicoverpa armigera stunt virus (family Tetraviridae, genus Omegatetravirus, HaSV). The virus was semipurified, quantified, and applied at two rates, 4 x 10(15) and 4 x 10(14) virus particles/ha, with minimal formulation on(More)
A least square fitting algorithm for alignment of multi-open-curved segments and point pairs of anatomical features obtained from both portal images and simulation radiographs has been developed for patient position verification in radiation therapy. A coordinate system associated with each curved segment pair is constructed so that the discrepancies of(More)