Jamie Hammond

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This paper reports the results of a search for the principles of production control. The search starts from the Last Planner 4 system, develops its principles, functions and methods, then explores their applicability to designing and making, the primary types of work involved in project production systems. What differences in these types of work make a(More)
The planning and management of building design has historically focused upon traditional methods of planning such as Critical Path Method (CPM). Little effort is made to understand the complexities of the design process; instead design managers focus on allocating work packages where the planned output is a set of deliverables. All too often there is no(More)
A self-organizing map (SOM) is a type of unsupervised artificial neural network (ANN) that can be used in applications of pattern recognition, and classification. A SOM is a viable approach to many avionics problem domains that include threat identification (classification), air traffic flow management (pattern recognition) and intelligent systems for(More)
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