Jamie Ferguson

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  • Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman, Alan Marcus, Justin Rico Oyola, William Hoffman Head, Michele Luzi Director +39 others
  • 2011
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Beneath most lively policy debates sit dry-as-dust theoretical and methodological discussions. Current disputes over the EU Adaptive Pathways initiative 1,2 and the proposed US 21st Century Cures Act 3 may ultimately rest on addressing arcane issues of data curation, standardization, and utilization. Improved extraction of information on the safety and(More)
In an increasingly mobile world, many citizens and professionals are frequent travellers. Access during unplanned care to their patient summary, their most essential health information in a form physicians in another country can understand can impact not only their safety, but also the quality and effectiveness of care. International health information(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to explore the differential patient satisfaction reported by patients with cancer who are from ethnic minority backgrounds, examining patient-reported experience of interacting with medical and nursing staff. SETTING As a secondary analysis, we collated data collected over two consecutive annual rounds of the National Cancer(More)
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