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PURPOSE In this commentary, we examine nursing home quality and indicators that have been used to measure nursing home quality. DESIGN AND METHODS A brief review of the history of nursing home quality is presented that provides some context and insight into currently used quality indicators. Donabedian's structure, process, and outcome (SPO) model is used(More)
A prospective study of 116 patients with acute pancreatitis included routine screening for evidence of viral infection. Five patients (all female) exhibited significant rising antibody titres to Coxsackie B or mumpsvirus, while none of the remaining 111 patients did. Diarrhoea was a prodromal feature of the pancreatitis in those patients with evidence of(More)
BACKGROUND In 2004, the English government set a target to reduce the difference in cancer mortality in those aged under 75 between spearhead primary care trusts (PCTs) and all others by 6% in 2010. METHODS We used mortality data for 2002-04 to calculate the age-standardized cancer mortality rates in 11 spearhead and 65 non-spearhead PCTs in South-East(More)
In an increasingly mobile world, many citizens and professionals are frequent travellers. Access during unplanned care to their patient summary, their most essential health information in a form physicians in another country can understand can impact not only their safety, but also the quality and effectiveness of care. International health information(More)
Sir, I would like to bring your attention to a number of significant errors in the above article which are extremely misleading, both in terms of the clinical effectiveness and cost of the drugs evaluated. For ease of reference I have listed where mistakes have been made below: Table 1 Gemcitabine is also licensed for treatment of advanced bladder cancer(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to explore the differential patient satisfaction reported by patients with cancer who are from ethnic minority backgrounds, examining patient-reported experience of interacting with medical and nursing staff. SETTING As a secondary analysis, we collated data collected over two consecutive annual rounds of the National Cancer(More)
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