Jamie E. Mendez

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The heat shock response, the cellular response to protein damaging stress, is critical in maintaining proteostasis. The heat shock response is regulated by the transcription factor HSF1, which is activated upon heat shock and other stresses to induce the expression of molecular chaperones. SIRT1 has previously been shown to activate HSF1 by deacetylating(More)
Thousands of organic micropollutants and their transformation products occur in water. Although often present at low concentrations, individual compounds contribute to mixture effects. Cell-based bioassays that target health-relevant biological endpoints may therefore complement chemical analysis for water quality assessment. The objective of this study was(More)
TiO2 thin films have been deposited at low temperature using a new atmospheric pressure deposition process, which combines remote Atmospheric Pressure (AP) Plasma with Pulsed Injection Metallorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition (PIMOCVD). The effects of postdischarge plasma and deposition parameters have been studied with respect to the deposition kinetics,(More)
Three experiments were conducted in an acid infertile Oxisol from the Llanos Orientales of Colombia. It was shown that greater increases in nitrogen yield in the tops (N yield) due to N fertilization ofPueraria phaseoloides (CIAT germplasm accession no. 9900),Stylosanthes capitata no. 1019,Centrosema macrocarpum no. 5065 andDesmodium ovalifolium no. 350(More)
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