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Trembler (Tr) is an autosomal dominant mutation which produces hypomyelination and demyelination in the mouse peripheral nervous system. This paper compares the genetic, behavioral, and pathological aspects of trembler-J, (TrJ) to those of the original Tr mutation. We found that TrJ was tightly linked on chromosome 11 to vestigial tail, vt, as is Tr. Most(More)
Scoring systems used to predict clinical outcomes for critically ill patients have been refined in the past decade, yet even the most recently developed systems contain flaws that limit their application. In general, prediction rules are derived by defining an association between a number of clinical variables and a particular outcome in a reference patient(More)
34 newborn infants who had been bathed in a standard manner with Hibiscrub were studied to find out whether it was absorbed percutaneously. Low levels of chlorhexidine were found in the blood of all 10 babies sampled by heel prick, and 5 of 24 from whom venous blood was taken. The detection of chlorhexidine varied greatly with the method and timing of(More)
We describe a unique case of a patient with a reversible paraneoplastic motor neuronopathy who presented with hypercapnic respiratory failure. The patient developed progressive respiratory and limb muscle weakness until treated with removal of a renal cell carcinoma, which was followed by a complete resolution of neuromuscular symptoms. The literature of(More)
In a prospective survey neural tube defects and other congenital abnormalities were studied in the babies born to 510 mothers ascertained during pregnancy. The women were divided into two groups according to the outcome of their immediately preceding pregnancy. Those whose preceding pregnancy had resulted in a spontaneous abortion (256 women) formed the(More)
I. Groups of twelve female rats were fed from 4 weeks of age on four different experimental dietary regimens, and on a stock diet containing 18 "/o protein given ad lib. as a control (group I). The rats in two of the experimental groups were malnourished eithcr by being given a low-protein (9%) diet ad Zib. (group 2), or the stock diet containing 1Sy0(More)