Jamie C. Dewitt

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  • Acquaah-Mensah, George Adhami, Mustafa Afaq, Farrukh Ahmad, Nihal Alarie, Yves Albrecht +126 others
  • 2012
Consistent high-quality of papers published in " Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology " can only be maintained with the cooperation and dedication of a number of expert referees. The Editorswould like to thank all those who have donated the hours necessary to review, evaluate and comment on manuscripts; their conscientious efforts have enabled the journal to(More)
Autism is a devastating childhood condition that has emerged as an increasing social concern just as it has increased in prevalence in recent decades. Autism and the broader category of autism spectrum disorders are among the increasingly seen examples in which there is a fetal basis for later disease or disorder. Environmental, genetic, and epigenetic(More)
I hereby declare I am the sole author of this thesis. Dr. Jamie DeWitt provided guidance on some it's content and one image was provided by Annalise vonderEmbse. This project was but one small piece of a very large project, but I alone was responsible for that piece. This thesis has not been submitted elsewhere as coursework for this or another degree.(More)
Early neuroimmune dysfunction may play a pivotal role in the etiopathology of Alzheimer's disease (AD), as it is hypothesized that many late-stage adult diseases have an early-life basis. Here we explore whether exposure to a known neuroimmunotoxicant during a period of developmental susceptibility in the central nervous system (CNS) parenchyma exacerbates(More)
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