Jamie Budnick

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A clone of 3-methylcholanthrene-treated 10T1/2 cells has been isolated which possesses basic characteristics expected of "initiated" cells. In the presence of retinyl acetate, this clone exhibits contact inhibited growth control and is morphologically indistinguishable from the parental 10T1/2 cell line. Removal of retinyl acetate in vitro results in(More)
A method was developed for measuring the blastogenic response of human lymphocytes to human cytomegalovirus (CMV). Viral and control antigens were prepared by extracting disrupted infected and uninfected cell cultures with an alkaline buffer. Lymphocytes from ten donors with complement-fixing (CF) antibody exhibited a blastogenic response, whereas cells(More)
Non-heterosexual young women have a higher rate of unintended pregnancy than their heterosexual peers, but their fertility behaviors are understudied. We use longitudinal data from the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life study to investigate mechanisms contributing to non-heterosexual women's higher pregnancy risk. These data include weekly reports of(More)
Infection of permissive cells with either rhesus or vervet cytomegalovirus resulted in suppression of cellular DNA synthesis, only viral DNA was resolved by isopycnic centrifugation after 24 h postinoculation. Infection of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (IUdR)-arrested cells with either of the simian cytomegaloviruses, however, induced synthesis of cellular DNA of(More)
The evolution of the beam distribution in a double-rf system with a phase modulation on either the primary or secondary rf cavity was measured. We find that the particle diffusion process obeys the Einstein relation if the phase space becomes globally chaotic. When dominant parametric resonances still exist in the phase space, particles stream along the(More)
A fluorescing cell assay (FCA) technique utilizing the indirect fluorescent-antibody method to measure human cytomegalovirus (CMV)-infected cells has been applied to the rapid determination of CMV-neutralizing antibody. Human sera with complement fixation titers to CMV of 1/32 or greater and fluorescein-conjugated rabbit anti-human globulin are the primary(More)
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