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Pierce LaRue A. High school special needs student's attitudes about inclusion were examined in this study. All students participating in this study were involved in inclusion. The study presents information from students' perspectives on the perceived success of inclusion. When contemplating inclusion in a school system, it is important to look at the(More)
In two studies, groups of children with a wide range of reading ability and including a high proportion of poor readers were given Bentley's musical ability battery. Scores on tonal memory and chord analysis were related significantly to reading age with chronological age and IQ partialled out. The implications of these findings for views about component(More)
Interobserver reliability in interpretation of computed tomographic images was studied by six senior neurologists who independently evaluated on a standardized Stroke Data Bank form the brain lesions of 17 patients. The results analyzed with kappa statistics yielded moderate to substantial agreement on most items of interest including the stroke pathology(More)
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