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The Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddelli) has a large repertoire of underwater vocalizations. Twelve underwater calls subdivided into 34 call types were classified based on differences in frequency range, duration, repetition rate, number per series, presence or absence of harmonics, auxiliary sound usage, and contour. The repertoire also contains nine(More)
We introduce a programmable diffractive optical element based on an electro-optic phased array implemented with a multichannel lanthanum-modified lead zirconate titanate phase modulator. The design and fabrication procedures are outlined, along with an experimental demonstration of the device. Experimental results from a 16-channel device operating with a(More)
An array illuminator converts a uniformly wide beam losslessly into an array of bright spots. These spots provide the necessary illumination for microcomponents such as optical logic gates or bistable elements. Such elements may serve as devices in a 2-D discrete parallel processor. We propose an array illuminator with a phase grating on its front end. The(More)
An optimal strategy for cascading phased-array deflectors is presented that allows for high-resolution random-access beam steering with continuous scan-angle control but requires a minimum number of control lines. The system is analyzed theoretically by use of a Fourier optics approach and then verified experimentally. A pair of 32-channel optical phased(More)
The effects of time-dependent temperature fluctuations on surface-tension driven fluid flow inside a capillary are modeled using classical hydrodynamics. To begin, Newton's second law is evoked to derive a nondimensional equation of motion that describes the time-evolution of the fluid front position and velocity as a function of system geometry, fluid(More)
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