Jamie A. Stone

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OBJECTIVE To explore types of e-prescribing errors in community pharmacies and their potential consequences, as well as the factors that contribute to e-prescribing errors. METHODS Data collection involved performing 45 total hours of direct observations in five pharmacies. Follow-up interviews were conducted with 20 study participants. Transcripts from(More)
OBJECTIVE Primary care efficiency and quality are essential for the nation's health. The demands on primary care physicians (PCPs) are increasing as healthcare becomes more complex. A more complete understanding of PCP workflow variation is needed to guide future healthcare redesigns. METHODS This analysis evaluates workflow variation in terms of the(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging recently has become the most sensitive clinical test in the detection of white matter disorders, yet neuropathologic evaluation remains the most specific. This article describes the gross and microscopic pathology of various diseases primarily or selectively affecting white matter. The discussion should provide deeper insight(More)
MR imaging is a valuable tool in the evaluation of the auditory pathway. The current techniques in high-resolution MR imaging of the temporal bone are presented followed by a review of normal anatomy. Several diseases involving the middle ear, inner ear, internal auditory canal, and cerebellopontine angle are then presented. A radiologic-pathologic approach(More)
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