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Among various modern active building blocks, the recently introduced ’current differencing transconductance amplifier’ (CDTA) is emerging as a very flexible and versatile building block for analog circuit design and has been used earlier for realizing a variety of functions. In this paper, a new application of the CDTA in realising a Single Resistance(More)
With the advancement of technology, there is a growing desire to provide support for real time multimedia services over wireless ad hoc networks. These applications demand strict Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees by the underlying network in terms of delay, delay variance and packet loss. However, limited battery life of the nodes in a wireless network(More)
An energy-efficient communication schemes in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is highly desirable where energy consumption is constrained. In this paper, the mathematical model of energy consumption per bit in wireless sensor network using Cooperative MIMO is presented. Cooperative MIMO transmission and reception can simultaneously achieve the energy savings(More)
The long awaited challenge of post-genomic era and systems biology research is computational prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) that ultimately lead to protein functions prediction. The important research questions is how protein complexes with known sequence and structure be used to identify and classify protein binding sites, and how to(More)
This paper explores the combination of AOP and refactoring, two techniques that deals with the problems of permanent evolution of software. AOP has evolved to deal with a large legacy of object-oriented (OO) code. Most of the work has been done in the area of refactoring the object oriented code but little with the procedural code and that too with aspect(More)
-STATCOM is a FACTS device used for shunt compensation in transmission lines to maintain bus voltages within prescribed tolerance band. In this paper, a STATCOM is used to improve bus voltages and minimize transmission line losses by optimal placement in a standard power network. Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) has been tried to optimally place STATCOM(More)
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