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Skillful psychoanalytic technique presumably involves knowing what to say, and when and how to say it. Does skillful technique have a positive impact upon the patient? The study described in this article relied on ratings by experienced psychoanalysts using the Analytic Process Scales (APS), a research instrument for assessing recorded psychoanalyses, in(More)
PURPOSE To develop and characterize a microscale pectin-oligochitosan hydrogel microcapsule system that could be applied in such biological fields as drug delivery, cell immobilization/encapsulation, and tissue engineering. METHODS Microscale pectin-oligochitosan hydrogel microcapsules were prepared by using the vibration/electrostatic spray method. The(More)
This paper introduces a path-analytic strategy to analyze psychoanalytic treatment effects. A simple causal model is used to analyze a well-known case study by Charles Brenner. Application of even this simple model to the case study sharpens causal inferences that may be validly made, highlights important aspects of the psychoanalytic process and builds a(More)
PURPOSE To describe current physiotherapy practice for injured workers with subacute low back pain (SA-LBP). METHOD A chart audit of discharged workers was conducted over three episodes of care: 4-6 weeks (T1), 6-8 weeks (T2), and 8-10 weeks (T3) post-injury. The prevalence and reproducibility of parameters for common interventions were calculated as the(More)
Pectin-based hydrogel carriers have been studied and shown to have promising applications for drug delivery to the lower GI tract, especially to the colonic region. However, making sure these hydrogel carriers can pass through the upper GI tract and reach the targeted regions, after oral administration, still remains a challenge to overcome. A solution to(More)
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