James Z. Ma

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in ACP if available. Abstract Huabei is a part of eastern China located between 32 • N and 42 • N latitude. Administratively it is a region including Beijing and(More)
Engineering metamaterials with tunable resonances from mid-infrared to near-infrared wavelengths could have far-reaching consequences for chip based optical devices, active filters, modulators, and sensors. Utilizing the metal-insulator phase transition in vanadium oxide (VO(2)), we demonstrate frequency-tunable metamaterials in the near-IR range, from 1.5(More)
Recent progress in EDA tools allows IC designs to be accurately verified with consequent improvements in yield and performance through reduced guard bands. This paper will present a tools perspective, including the primary effects such as HCI, NBTI and EM for which EDA tools are available, types of tools (dynamic simulation vs. static rule checking) and(More)
This paper gives an overview of statistical modeling and circuit simulation including PVT, Monte Carlo and high Sigma for advanced CMOS process variation. The methodologies of generating corner and statistical models considering all related process effects, especially variation correlation, are discussed. The significance and usefulness of the statistical(More)
This paper gives a brief overview on recent advances in bipolar junction transistor (BJT) modeling and related simulation applications in circuit design. This work starts with a review of existing BJT compact model formulations, and covers a broad range of advanced topics such as precision temperature modeling, sub-circuit design, mismatch and corner(More)
A new compact LDMOS is introduced in this paper for circuit simulation. Features covered in this model relevant for a LDMOS device include: unique bias dependent drift region resistance model accounting for velocity saturation, bias dependent overlap region resistance model, dual Isub model to model Iii current in different region in the device and(More)
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