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We study data nets, a generalisation of Petri nets in which tokens carry data from linearly-ordered infinite domains and in which whole-place operations such as resets and transfers are possible. Data nets subsume several known classes of infinite-state systems, including multiset rewriting systems and polymorphic systems with arrays. We show that(More)
Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) is a prominent specification formalism for real-time systems. In this paper, we show that the satisfiability problem for MTL over finite timed words is decidable, with non-primitive recursive complexity. We also consider the model-checking problem for MTL: whether all words accepted by a given Alur-Dill timed automaton satisfy a(More)
Boolean-valued logics and associated discrete notions of behavioural equivalence sit uneasily with semantic models featuring quantitative data, like probabilistic transition systems. In this paper we present a pseudometric on a class of probabilistic transition systems yielding a quantitative notion of behavioural equivalence. The pseudometric is deened via(More)
We consider the language inclusion problem for timed automata: given two timed automata A and B, are all the timed traces accepted by B also accepted by A? While this problem is known to be un-decidable, we show here that it becomes decidable if A is restricted to having at most one clock. This is somewhat surprising, since it is well-known that there exist(More)