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We study data nets, a generalisation of Petri nets in which tokens carry data from linearly-ordered infinite domains and in which whole-place operations such as resets and transfers are possible. Data nets subsume several known classes of infinite-state systems, including multiset rewriting systems and polymorphic systems with arrays. We show that(More)
Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) is a prominent specification formalism for real-time systems. In this paper, we show that the satisfiability problem for MTL over finite timed words is decidable, with non-primitive recursive complexity. We also consider the model-checking problem for MTL: whether all words accepted by a given Alur-Dill timed automaton satisfy a(More)
Boolean-valued logics and associated discrete notions of behavioural equivalence sit uneasily with semantic models featuring quantitative data, like probabilistic transition systems. In this paper we present a pseudometric on a class of probabilistic transition systems yielding a quantitative notion of behavioural equivalence. The pseudometric is deened via(More)
We consider several questions related to the use of digitization techniques for timed automata. These very successful techniques reduce dense-time language inclusion problems to discrete time, but are applicable only when the implementation is closed under digitization and the specification is closed under inverse digitization. We show that, for timed(More)