James Wiskin

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Recent published results in inverse scattering generally show the difficulty in dealing with moderate to high contrast inhomogeneities when employing linearized or iteratively linearized algorithms (e.g., distorted Born iterative method). This paper presents a fully nonlinear algorithm utilizing full wave field data, that results in ultrasound computed(More)
A method was developed to map tissue properties of the entire breast including sound speed and attenuation using fully 3D nonlinear inverse-scattering tomography. Clinical measurements suggest that in breast tissue benign and cancerous lesions may be identified in part by these inherent acoustic parameters. Sound speed accuracy and linearity are very high(More)
Objectives. This study presents correlations between cross-sectional anatomy of human female breasts and Quantitative Transmission (QT) Ultrasound, does discriminate classifier analysis to validate the speed of sound correlations, and does a visual grading analysis comparing QT Ultrasound with mammography. Materials and Methods. Human cadaver breasts were(More)
Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound (QT) is a powerful and emerging imaging paradigm which has the potential to perform true three-dimensional image reconstruction of biological tissue. Breast imaging is an important application of QT and allows non-invasive, non-ionizing imaging of whole breasts in vivo. Here, we report the first demonstration of breast(More)
There a re several advantages of inverse imaging over present standa rd imagin g methods such as improved spatia l resolu tion , freedom from multiple scattering and reverberation ar tifacts, a nd t rue qua nt itat ive ima ging. We verify th ese ad van tages a nd illum ina te t he progression from theory to simulat ion, to labo ratory experiments, and(More)
Quantitative Transmission Ultrasound (QTUS) is a tomographic transmission ultrasound modality that is capable of generating 3D speed-of-sound maps of objects in the field of view. It performs this measurement by propagating a plane wave through the medium from a transmitter on one side of a water tank to a high resolution receiver on the opposite side. This(More)
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