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and especially an anonymous referee for many helpful comments and suggestions. Any errors are our own. Abstract One of the most important predictions of the dividend-signaling hypothesis is that dividend changes are positively correlated with future changes in profitability and earnings. Contrary to this prediction, we show that after controlling for the(More)
This paper presents a testbed which is the result of a collaborative project between computer science and psychology. The tested is composed of hardware and associated software which allows an individual, or group of individuals to conduct research in the fields of distributed robotics, searching algorithms, behavior modelling and other areas of cognitive(More)
Tech for useful comments and suggestions. We also thank Yaniv Grinstein for providing us the option backdating data. Abstract We provide evidence that religiosity deters undesirable corporate behavior. Firms headquartered in more religious counties are less likely to backdate options, practice aggressive earnings management, and be the target of class(More)
Capital expenditures by the top 100 firms make up more than 60% of aggregate investment by publicly traded firms and account for most of the variation in aggregate net fixed private non-residential investment. Surprisingly, these firms have the highest investment-cash flow sensitivity in the economy, despite being the least financially constrained. Further,(More)
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