James Westland Cain

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During the past three decades a number of theories have been proposed to explain the idiosyncrasies of software development as a team activity. These theories variously relate to: adding more programmers to a late project makes it later (Brooks); the structure of the system mirrors the structure of the organization that designed it (Conway); software(More)
Security infrastructure along international boundaries threatens to degrade connectivity for wildlife. To explore potential effects of a fence under construction along the U.S.-Mexico border on wildlife, we assessed movement behavior of two species with different life histories whose regional persistence may depend on transboundary movements. We used(More)
Software development is a people-oriented activity requiring ever increasing numbers of professional software practitioners. Studies have shown that there is a substantial variance in both effectiveness and quality of output of these practitioners, which often compounds software development and maintenance issues. Furthermore, whilst the syntax of C++ can(More)
This paper introduces an innovative visualisation technique for exposing the software defects that develop as a software project evolves. The application of this technique to a large-scale industrial software project is described together with the way in which the technique was modified to enable integration with the software configuration management(More)
Molecular markers can reveal interesting aspects of organismal ecology and evolution, especially when surveyed in rare or elusive species. Herein, we provide a preliminary assessment of golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) population structure in North America using novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These SNPs included one molecular sexing marker,(More)
Arid climates have unpredictable precipitation patterns, and wildlife managers often provide supplemental water to help desert ungulates endure the hottest, driest periods. When surface water is unavailable, the only source of water for ungulates comes from the forage they consume, and they must make resourceful foraging decisions to meet their(More)
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