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A difficult challenge in geometrical acoustic modeling is computing propagation paths from sound sources to receivers fast enough for interactive applications. This paper describes a beam tracing method that enables interactive updates of propagation paths from a stationary source to a moving receiver in large building interiors. During a precomputation(More)
The development of ciliary band pattern in the doliolaria larva of Florometra serratissima is described based on scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The uniformly ciliated epithelium of the post-hatching larva develops four regularly spaced bands over a period of approx. 20 h generating an epithelial pattern that is, essentially, a series of(More)
This investigation was designed to examine the acquisition, generalization, and maintenance effects of a treatment for sound errors in speakers with co-occurring apraxia of speech and aphasia. Three speakers with chronic apraxia of speech and aphasia were studied in the context of a multiple baseline design across speakers and behaviors. Treatment combined(More)
  • Lawrence A Crum, Wallace Waterfall, Floyd A Firestone, Harvey Fletcher, Edward C Wente, Georg Von +44 others
  • 2013
2013 The Gold Medal is presented in the spring to a member of the Society, without age limitation, for contributions to acoustics. The first Gold Medal was presented in 1954 on the occasion of the Society's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration and biennially until 1981. It is now an annual award.
A complete signal processing strategy is presented to detect and precisely recognize tongue movement by monitoring changes in airflow that occur in the ear canal. Tongue movements within the human oral cavity create unique, subtle pressure signals in the ear that can be processed to produce commands signals in response to that movement. Once recognized,(More)
BACKGROUND We attempted to clone candidate genes on 10p 14-15 which may regulate hTERT expression, through exon trapping using 3 BAC clones covering the region. After obtaining 20 exons, we examined the function of RGM249 (RGM: RNA gene for miRNAs) we cloned from primary cultured human hepatocytes and hepatoma cell lines. We confirmed approximately 20 bp(More)
THEOREM. For every prime p and each n = 2, 3, ...∞, there is an action of G = ∞ i=1 (Z/pZ) on a two-dimensional compact metric space X with n-dimensional orbit space. This theorem was proved in [DW] with an error in one of the lemmas (Lemma 15). This paper presents a corrected version of Lemma 15 and it is identical with [DW] in the rest.
We report the results of cutting experiments on embryos of the crinoid Florometra serratissima, which produce, in the doliolaria stage, a striped pattern of ciliary bands. Embryos at gastrula and post-hatching elongation stages were divided into anterior and posterior fragments. Complementary fragments express parts of the total pattern without adding extra(More)
Capacitive-type transduction is now widely used in MEMS microphones. However, its sensitivity decreases with reducing size, due to decreasing air gap capacitance. In the present study, we proposed and developed the Electret Gate of Field Effect Transistor (ElGoFET) transduction based on an electret and FET (field-effect-transistor) as a novel mechanism of(More)