James Wernicke

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Authentication using centralized methods is a primary trust mechanism within most large-scale, enterprise computer networks. This paper proposes using graphs to represent user authentication activity within the network. Using this mechanism over a real enterprise network dataset, we find that non-privileged users and users with system administration(More)
Aircraft networks are used to service mission-critical avionics systems as well as cabin systems such as in-flight entertainment. These networks require that the switches used offer line-rate switching as well as bounded latency and jitter. Gigabit Ethernet offers an interesting replacement to traditional proprietary networks because of its high performance(More)
We present an 800-year δ 18 O chronology from the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau (TP). The chronology dates back to AD 1193 and was sampled in AD 1996 from living Juniperus tibetica trees. This first long-term tree-ring-based δ 18 O chronology for eastern Tibet provides a reliable archive for hydroclimatic reconstructions. Highly significant(More)
The orientations in the tangential plane, i.e., parallel to the pial surface, of dendrites and axons in several functionally different areas of the rat neocortex were investigated. Using a large data base of over 30,000 measurements and the t-test and chi 2 test for significance, we found an overall preference of both dendrites and axons for the(More)
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