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T his is a recommended management algorithm from the Western Trauma Association addressing the diagnostic evaluation and management of blunt cerebrovascular injuries (BCVI) in adult patients. Because there are no published prospective randomized clinical trials that have generated class I data, the recommendations herein are based on published observational(More)
INTRODUCTION Although glycemic control is known to reduce complications associated with diabetes, it is an elusive goal for many patients with diabetes. The objective of this study was to identify factors associated with sustained poor glycemic control, some glycemic variability, and wide glycemic variability among diabetes patients over 3 years. METHODS(More)
The authors examined the relationship between low health literacy (LHL), limited English proficiency (LEP), and meeting current U.S. Preventive Service Task Force colorectal cancer (CRC) screening guidelines for Asians and Whites in California. For 1,478 Asian and 14,410 White respondents 50-75 years of age in the 2007 California Health Interview Survey,(More)
OBJECTIVES Cancer is the leading cause of death among Asian Americans. Chinese Americans comprise the largest Asian American ethnic group. Low health literacy (LHL) is associated with lower cancer screening rates, but this association has not been studied in Chinese Americans. We examined the relationship between LHL and meeting US Preventive Service Task(More)
This research examines whether there are any behavioral determinants of new members' continued participation in Facebook. The behaviors observed were use of the Facebook interaction points: posting a profile picture, posting to the wall, status posting, joining a group, using applications, posting additional photos, and receiving communication from others.(More)
BACKGROUND Japanese (both in Japan and Hawaii) have a lower incidence of falls and of hip fracture than North American and European Caucasians, but the reasons for these differences are not clear. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study. We compared neuromuscular risk factors for falls using performance-based measures (chair stand time, usual and(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite evidence that breast cancer screening reduces morbidity and mortality, many women do not obtain mammograms. Our objective was to analyze the relationship between income and mammography screening for members enrolled in a large health plan in Hawaii. METHODS We analyzed claims data for women (N = 46,328) aged 50 to 70 years during 2003(More)
T his is a position article from members of the Western Trauma Association (WTA). Because there are no prospective randomized trials on the evaluation and management of peripheral vascular trauma, the algorithm (Fig. 1) is based on the expert opinion of WTA members and published observational studies. It may not be applicable at all hospitals caring for(More)