James Wagoner

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POWER5 offers significantly increased performance over previous POWER designs by incorporating simultaneous multithreading, an enhanced memory subsystem, and extensive RAS and power management support. The 276M transistor processor is implemented in 130nm silicon-on-insulator technology with 8-level of Cu metallization and operates at >1.5 GHz.
As early as 1930 the first adverse health effects of vinyl chloride (VC) were reported.' Since then, numerous observations and studies have indicated a wide range of toxicity attributable to the effects of VC on the central nervous system, the liver, the bones of the fingers, and the Lately, the spectrum of known toxic effects of VC broadened to include(More)
The relationship between exposure to sparsely ionizing radiation and mortality due to cancers of hematopoietic and lymphopoietic tissues was studied among 12,955 women treated for benign gynecological disorders at any of 17 hospitals in New England or New York State and followed for an average of 25 years; 9770 women were treated by radiation (intracavitary(More)