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A complete course on how not to forget the meaning and writing of Japanese characters
Updated to include the 196 new kanji approved by the Japanese government in 2010 as "general-use" kanji, the sixth edition of this popular text aims to provide the student of Japanese with a simpleExpand
Philosophers of Nothingness: An Essay on the Kyoto School
In this study, the ideas of Nishida Kitaro, Tanabe Hajime, and Nishitani Keiji are presented both as a consistent school of thought in its own right and as a challenge to the Western philosophicalExpand
Imago Dei: A Study of C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion
This book contains a comprehensive account of what Jung had to say about the God-image between 1902 and 1961. The author traces the development of Jungian ideas and challenges the popular view thatExpand
Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook
With Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook, readers of English can now access in a single volume the richness and diversity of Japanese philosophy as it has developed throughout history. Leading scholarsExpand
A Type Index of Chinese Folktales (In the Oral Tradition and Major Works of Non-Religious Classical Literature)
1Contes d'animaux. 2Contes ordinaires: magie, religion, contes romantiques, contes de l'ogre stupide. 3Plaisanteries: contes a propos de nigauds, de couples maries, de filles, de garcons, deExpand