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Collaborative research in the social sciences : Multiple authorship and publication credit
L'A. s'efforce d'evaluer la place du travail en collaboration en ce qui concerne les recherches en sciences sociales. Il montre que cette strategie tend a devenir de plus en plus generale. IlExpand
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Multinomial probit and multinomial logit: a comparison of choice models for voting research
Abstract Several recent studies of voter choice in multiparty elections point to the advantages of multinomial probit (MNP) relative to multinomial/conditional logit (MNL). We compare the MNP and MNLExpand
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The impact of legislator attributes on union PAC campaign contributions
Unions are shown to have a sophisticated understanding of the political process, and to allocate their political resources based on this understanding. Two different tests of this hypothesis areExpand
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Issues, the Spatial Theory of Voting, and British General Elections: A Comparison of Proximity and Directional Models
Competing spatial models of voter choiceare compared in the context ofparliamentary representatives selectedthrough single-member district, pluralityelections where party platforms areemphasized overExpand
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Campaign Contributions and Legislative Voting in the California Assembly
In this article the authors test for the influence of campaign contributions from economic interest groups on legislative voting in the California Assembly. California does not restrict the size ofExpand
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Tailgate partisanship: Political and social expression through bumper stickers
Abstract One of the more common forms of political participation is the display of decals on automobiles as a means of political expression. Individuals use bumper stickers for purposes such asExpand
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Prohibition and repeal: Voting on statewide liquor referenda in Texas
Abstract The prohibition of alcohol was the most divisive social issue in American national and state politics in the early 20th Century. This paper examines statewide ballot propositions concerningExpand
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Strategic Voting in Plurality Elections: A Simulation of Duverger's Law
Experiments designed as an election simulation involve participants in an investigation of strategic voting. Participants assigned political preferences and informed of candidate/party positions onExpand
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Rules of Method and Rules of Conduct: An Experimental Study on Two Types of Procedure and Committee Behavior
Models of committee decision making predict that equilibria are induced by institutional arrangements. Though rules of procedure undoubtedly affect outcomes in committees, a considerable debate hasExpand
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The industrial structure of the California Assembly: Committee assignments, economic interests, and campaign contributions
This paper examines the provision of campaign contributions made by economic interests to incumbents seeking reelection in the 1984, 1986, and 1988 California Assembly elections. The study testsExpand
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