James W Vickers

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A new pentanickel silicotungstate complex, K(10)H(2)[Ni(5)(OH)(6)(OH(2))(3)(Si(2)W(18)O(66))]·34H(2)O (KH-), has been synthesized and characterized by X-ray crystallography and several other methods. Dynamic light scattering, kinetics and other experiments confirm that in the presence of [Ru(bpy)(3)](2+) (the photosensitizer for light-driven water(More)
In the last five years and currently, research on solar fuels has been intense and no sub-area in this field has been more active than the development of water oxidation catalysts (WOCs). In this timeframe, a new class of molecular water oxidation catalysts based on polyoxometalates have been reported that combine the advantages of homogeneous and(More)
An all-inorganic, oxidatively and thermally stable, homogeneous water oxidation catalyst based on redox-active (vanadate(V)-centered) polyoxometalate ligands, Na10[Co4(H2O)2(VW9O34)2]·35H2O (Na101-V2, sodium salt of the polyanion 1-V2), was synthesized, thoroughly characterized and shown to catalyze water oxidation in dark and visible-light-driven(More)
The abundant-metal-based polyoxometalate complex [Co(4)(H(2)O)(2)(PW(9)O(34))(2)](10-) is a hydrolytically and oxidatively stable, homogeneous, and efficient molecular catalyst for the visible-light-driven catalytic oxidation of water. Using a sacrificial electron acceptor and photosensitizer, it exhibits a high (30%) photon-to-O(2) yield and a large(More)
Distinguishing between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis is not straightforward. In the case of the water oxidation catalyst (WOC) [Co4(H2O)2(PW9O34)2](10-) (Co4POM), initial reports of an efficient, molecular catalyst have been challenged by studies suggesting that formation of cobalt oxide (CoOx) or other byproducts are responsible for the catalytic(More)
As the field of water oxidation catalysis grows, so does the sophistication of the associated experimental apparatuses. However, problems persist in studying some of the most basic aspects of catalytic water oxidation including acquisition of satisfactory early-reaction-time kinetics and rapid quantification of O2 concentration. We seek to remedy these(More)
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