James W. Tilley

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We compared tree growth and crown condition with soil and foliar elemental composition in 14 sugar maple (Acer saccharumMarsh.) stands in VT, USA, to evaluate if deficiencies or imbalances in cation nutrition were associated with growth and health reductions in native stands. The Till Source Model (TSM) was used to select study sites potentially high or low(More)
Every few hundred years, the Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of the Pacific Northwest hosts devastating earthquakes, and there is a growing awareness of the need to be prepared for these events. An offshore cabled observatory extending the length of the Cascadia subduction zone would enhance the performance of the earthquake and tsunami early warning(More)
This paper proposes a viable solution to the port security swimmer detection/identification problem using a broadband active sonar system with TCP/IP interface. Broadband active sonar, characterized by compressed pulse and wide-ranging spectral features, offers the ability to locate an underwater target accurately and classify it as a swimmer (diver) apart(More)
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