James W. Nixon

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OBJECTIVE To examine the risk of injury to the head and the effect of wearing helmets in bicycle accidents among children. DESIGN Case-control study by questionnaire completed by the children and their carers. SETTING Two large children's hospitals in Brisbane, Australia. SUBJECT 445 children presenting with bicycle related injuries during 15 April(More)
Medical education is moving toward assessment of educational outcomes rather than educational processes. The American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Pediatrics milestones and the concept of entrustable professional activities (EPA)--skills essential to the practice of medicine that educators progressively entrust learners to(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the frequency of oral/maxillofacial injuries in children who have had a bicycle incident and to relate this to the wearing of a protective helmet. DESIGN Part of a larger prospective study in which self-administered questionnaires were completed by each child with bicycle-related injuries and their parents or caregivers. (More)
INTRODUCTION Drowning remains a leading cause of preventable death in children across the world. This systematic review identifies and critically analyses studies of interventions designed to reduce fatal and non-fatal drowning events among children and adolescents or reduce the injury severity incurred by such incidents. METHODS A systematic search was(More)
A large total population study of childhood fresh water immersion accidents is reported. The study was undertaken in the City of Brisbane over the five-year period 1971 to 1975 inclusive, and 111 fresh water immersion accidents involving children were studied and analysed. The childhood fresh water immersion accident rate, including drowning and(More)
Hospitalist educators face a number of challenges in teaching clinical reasoning to residents and medical students. Helping to develop trainees' clinical acumen is an essential and highly nuanced process, yet complex patients, documentation requirements, and productivity goals compete with teaching time. Workplace-based assessment is particularly important(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to ascertain the causes of accidents, injuries, and deaths in children who ride bicycles. Fatality and injury rates were also studied in order to compare with other studies. METHODS Two studies of children were undertaken in children aged less than 15 years. In the first (retrospective fatality study), children(More)