James W. Howatt

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3 Introduction. For many of us, the initial experience of grading programs brings a quick realization of the need for objectivity and consistency. When grading, we should consider onl y the program before us and the requirements tha t led to it. We should not be swayed by comparisons with other programs, by distracting characteristics of the code, or by(More)
A software science counting strategy is defined for the Ada* programming language. Two initial approaches, one based on intuition and the other based on trial-and-error, prove unsatisfactory. The third, based on the BNF description of Ada, leads to a satisfactory counting strategy. In contrast to most software science counting strategies, ones that consider(More)
A quantitative charcterization of control flow context: software measures for programming environments " (1985). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. Paper 8703. This reproduction was made from a copy of a manuscript sent to us for publication and microfilming. While the most advanced technology has been used to pho­ tograph and reproduce this(More)
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