James W. Howard

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Various polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) some of which are carcinogenic have been demonstrated to be present in water, air, food soils, etc. and are now considered by experts to be ubiquitous in our environment. During the last decade significant progress has been made in the development of multiresidue methods for the analysis of benzo(a)pyrene and(More)
Spirodela punctata 7776, the best duckweed strain in total protein production selected from in vitro screening experiments with synthetic swine lagoon water medium was examined for N and P recovery. It has shown a capability to grow in and to remove N and P from synthetic swine lagoon water with high N (240 mg NH4 N/l) and P (31.0 mg PO4 P/l) levels. A lag(More)
We present data on the vulnerability of a variety of candidate spacecraft electronics to proton and heavy-ion induced single-event effects and proton-induced damage. We also present data on the susceptibility of parts to functional degradation resulting from total ionizing dose at low dose rates (0.003–4.52 rads(Si)/s).