James W. Duff

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With the increasing popularity of simulation and virtual environment software, it is necessary to provide software engineering techniques to simulation program designers. In this paper we lay out the requirements that any such techniques will have to meet, then suggest a formalism and an interconnection tool that will allow the interconnection of re-usable(More)
analysis of multi-state data with individual covariates for estimating genetic effects on demography. A hierarchical nest survival model integrating incomplete temporally-varying covariates. Ecology and Evolution 3:4439-4447. of fecal corticosterone in sandhill cranes during a human-led migration. management for the re-introduction of eastern migratory(More)
A physics-based calculation method has been developed for rapidly synthesizing radiometrically accurate spectral imagery of the Earth incorporating 3-D cloud effects. The method combines measured surface reflectance imagery with 3-D cloud radiance calculations and 1-D atmospheric radiation transport. Cloud property images are pre-calculated with the MCScene(More)
We have performed quantum mechanical (QM) dynamics calculations within the independent-state approximation with new benchmark triplet A" and A' surfaces [B. Ramachandran et al., J. Chem. Phys. 119, 9590 (2003)] for the rovibronic state-to-state measurements of the reaction O(3P)+HCl(v=2,j=1,6,9)-->OH(v'j')+Cl(2P) [Zhang et al., J. Chem. Phys. 94, 2704(More)
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