James W. Dillon

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Phosphophoryns (PPs), a family of Asp and Ser(P)-rich dentin proteins, are considered to be archetypal regulators of several aspects of extracellular matrix (ECM) biomineralization. We have cloned a rat incisor PP gene, Dmp2, from our odontoblast cDNA library and localized it to mouse chromosome 5q21 within 2 centimorgans of Dmp1, another tooth-specific ECM(More)
A flight qualified laser radar called LAMP (LAser MaPper) is under development at JPL. LAMP is a guidance and control sensor that can form 3 dimensional images of its field of regard. The maps can be used for spacecraft rendezvous, docking, and hazard avoidance during landing and for rover traverse planning. LAMP operates by emitting high power, short(More)
Peritubular dentin (PTD) is a relatively dense mineralized tissue that surrounds the tubules of coronal tooth dentin. It is composed mainly of crystals of carbonated apatite together with a small amount of collagen. Its mode of formation has been investigated by studying the relatively dense particles isolated from a powdered preparation. Electron(More)
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