James W. Beard

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The papillomas induced in domestic rabbits with virus procured from cottontails undergo progressive changes in the direction of malignancy when they grow vigorously. From the beginning they exhibit the traits whereby tumors are characterized, and they have malignant potentialities. In seven animals of a group of ten carrying papillomas for more than 200(More)
Experimental study of the rabbit papilloma of Shope, a growth caused by a virus, has shown that it possesses the immediate characters whereby tumors are recognized. Often it looks and acts like a malignant neoplasm. It differs from the tumors as a group, however, in its incidence which is that of an infectious process, and from other mammalian tumors in(More)
Methods and apparatus are described where with living Kupffer cells can be procured from the liver of the rabbit and the dog for study and cultivation in vitro. Almost none of these cells can be dislodged from the normal liver by forcible perfusion; but after they have taken up finely particulate matter (India ink, iron oxide), they come away in great(More)
The Kupffer cells procured from the liver of the rabbit and dog for culture in vitro have the typical characters of clasmatocytes. They are readily discriminated from the monocytes washed from the liver with them; and they have certain peculiar features which suffice to differentiate them from some at least of the clasmatocytes of other organs. Their(More)
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