James W Bauer

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A long-latency comnponent of the averaged evoked potential recorded from the human scalp varied in close relationship with subjects' perceptual reports in an auditory signal detection task. Detected signals evoked potentials several times larger than did undetected signals, falsely reported signals, or correctly reported nonsignals. The threshold signal(More)
Blood coagulation and platelet adhesion remain major impediments to the use of biomaterials in implantable medical devices. There is still significant controversy and question in the field regarding the role that surfaces play in this process. This manuscript addresses this topic area and reports on state of the art in the field. Particular emphasis is(More)
Traditional biochemistry of contact activation of blood coagulation suggesting that anionic hydrophilic surfaces are specific activators of the cascade is inconsistent with known trends in protein adsorption. To investigate contact activation reactions, a chromogenic assay was used to measure prekallkrein (PK) hydrolysis to kallikrein (Kal) by activated(More)
Studies of the activation of FXII in both platelet poor plasma and in neat buffer solutions were undertaken for a series of mixed thiol self-assembled monolayers spanning a broad range of water wettability. A wide spectrum of carboxyl/methyl-, hydroxyl/methyl-, and amine/methyl-thiol modified surfaces were prepared, characterized, and then utilized as the(More)
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