James W. Barrett

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We present observations with the IRAM 30 m telescope of CO in a large sample of ultraluminous IR galaxies out to redshift z = 0.3. Most of the ultraluminous galaxies in this sample are interacting, but not completed mergers. The CO(1–0) luminosity of all but one of the ultraluminous galaxies is high, with values of log (L ′ CO /K km s −1 pc 2) = 9.92 ±(More)
SNOMED RT and Clinical Terms Version 3 are two large, controlled medical terminologies that are being merged to form a new work titled SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT). One of the first steps in this process was to create maps between semantically equivalent and proximate concepts in the two terminologies. Same-as and is-a relationships were used to map(More)
Checks of internal consistency in controlled medical vocabularies facilitate their development and assist refinement of the underlying terminological model. Two simple checks of consistency between knowledge in the subtype hierarchy and that in semantic definitions of concepts are described. It is proposed that these checks are a helpful adjunct to, but not(More)
As controlled clinical vocabularies assume an increasing role in modern clinical information systems, so the issue of their quality demands greater attention. In order to meet the resulting stringent criteria for completeness and correctness, a quality assurance system comprising a database of more than 500 rules is being developed and applied to the Read(More)
Stratospheric chlorine oxide, a significant intermediate product in the catalytic destruction of ozone by atomic chlorine, has been detected and measured by a ground-based 204-gigahertz, millimeter-wave receiver. Data taken at latitude 42 degrees N on 17 days between 10 January and 18 February 1980 yield an average chlorine oxide column density of(More)
[1] We have examined measurements of chlorine monoxide, ClO, in the lower stratosphere by the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on the Aura satellite in the austral spring of 2005. These measurements have been compared to those of a ground-based spectrometer at Scott Base, Antarctica. The data analysis is performed in both cases by subtracting nighttime(More)
This article reports measurements of the column density of stratospheric chlorine monoxide and presents a complete diurnal record of its variation (with 2-hour resolution) obtained from ground-based observations of a millimeter-wave spectral line at 278 gigahertz. Observations were carried out during October and December 1982 from Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The(More)
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