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| Rapide is an event-based concurrent, object-oriented language speciically designed for prototyping system architectures. Two principle design goals are (1) to provide constructs for deening executable prototypes of archi-tectures, and (2) to adopt an execution model in which the concurrency, synchronization, dataaow, and timing properties of a prototype(More)
| This paper discusses general requirements for architecture deenition languages, and describes the syntax and semantics of the subset of the Rapide language that is designed to satisfy these requirements. Rapide is a concurrent event-based simulation language for deening and simulating the behavior of system architectures. Rapide is intended for modelling(More)
Distributed systems' runtime behavior can be difficult to understand. Concurrent, distributed activity make notions of global state difficult to grasp. We focus on the runtime structure of a system, its execution architecture, and propose representing its evolution as a partially ordered set of predefined architectural event types. This representation(More)
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