James V. Beck

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The mollification method and the numerical solution of ill-posed problems / by Diego A. Murio. p. cm. PREFACE During the last 20 years, the subject of ill-posed problems has expanded from a collection of individual techniques to a highly developed and rich branch of applied mathematics. This textbook essentially builds, from basic mathematical concepts, the(More)
The reaction of cell suspensions of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans with pulverized chalcocite (Cu(2)S) in a Warburg manometric apparatus resulted in oxygen uptake accompanied by increased solubilization of copper and fixation of carbon dioxide. Since the only detectable oxidized products were cupric ions and the more oxidized form of the sulfide mineral, that(More)
This paper introduces the second experimental phase of the activities of the IASC-ASCE Structural Health Monitoring Task Group, involving the application of structural health monitoring techniques to data obtained from a four story steel frame structure tested in August 2002 at the University of British Columbia. These Phase II experimental studies follow a(More)
In this paper, we study the no-load behavior of a lightweight piezo-composite curved actuator (LIPCA) subjected to voltage and charge control. First, we examine the effect of hysteresis and creep when the actuator is voltage controlled at a slow scan speed. The experimental results show that creep increases the displacement hysteresis by over 25% when(More)
Steady-state components of heat conduction solutions may have very slowly convergent series for temperatures and non-convergent heat fluxes for temperature boundary conditions. Previous papers have proposed methods to remove these convergence problems. However, even more effective procedures based on insights of Morse and Feshbach are given herein. In some(More)
Doses in Leksell GammaPlan (Elekta, Stockholm, Sweden) are calculated for each shot by summing the contribution from the 201 radiation beams emitted by the Gamma Knife (Elekta), weighted for attenuation in the tissue traversed. The patient's head is modeled based on 24 skull measurements, from which the depth to the calculation point is determined for each(More)
A formalism for independent treatment verification has been developed for Gamma Knife radiosurgery in analogy to the second checks being performed routinely in the field of external beam radiotherapy. A verification algorithm is presented, and evaluated based on its agreement with treatment planning calculations for the first 40 Canadian Gamma Knife(More)
The objective of this presentation is the development of a generalized steady-state Green’s function solution to study the temperature field in moving bodies. This type of solution permits the inclusion of different nonhomogeneous boundary conditions, volumetric heat sources, and possible position-dependent thermophysical properties. Although the(More)