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Graphs with circulant adjacency matrices
Abstract Properties of a graph (directed or undirected) whose adjacency matrix is a circulant are studied. Examples are given showing that the connection set determined by the first row of such aExpand
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Point-symmetric graphs with a prime number of points
Abstract This paper discusses point-symmetric graphs which have a prime number of points. Isomorphism classes of these graphs are enumerated. It is shown that these graphs are characterized by theExpand
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Effectiveness of the International Phytosanitary Standard ISPM No. 15 on Reducing Wood Borer Infestation Rates in Wood Packaging Material Entering the United States
Numerous bark- and wood-infesting insects have been introduced to new countries by international trade where some have caused severe environmental and economic damage. Wood packaging material (WPM),Expand
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Module Clustering to Minimize Delay in Digital Networks
An important aspect of the packaging of digital networks is the allocation of logic gates to modules such that a predetermined objective function is minimized. Expand
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Medicines with Respect : developing an integrated collaborative approach to medication management
This article is the first of a two-part retrospective view of a medication management project across all the mental health acute admission wards in Sheffield during 2000. This development arose outExpand
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Abstract : The report presents results of a second project concerned with the theory of cellular logic networks and machines. The ultimate objective of this program is the development of effectiveExpand
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Religion Enters the Academy: The Origins of the Scholarly Study of Religion in America
Religious studies--also known as comparative religion or history of religions--emerged as a field of study in colleges and universities on both sides of the Atlantic during the late nineteenthExpand
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Function of the sex chromosomes in mammalian fertility.
The sex chromosomes play a highly specialized role in germ cell development in mammals, being enriched in genes expressed in the testis and ovary. Sex chromosome abnormalities (e.g., KlinefelterExpand
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Multidisciplinary community mental health team staff's experience of a 'skills level' training course in cognitive analytic therapy.
This study sought to explore community mental health teams' (CMHTs) experiences of receiving an innovative introductory level training in cognitive analytic therapy (CAT). CMHTs are importantExpand
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Towards computer-vision software tools to increase production and accessibility of video description for people with vision loss
This paper presents the status of a R&D project targeting the development of computer-vision tools to assist humans in generating and rendering video description for people with vision loss. Expand
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