James Tsz Fung Wong

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1. Phenelzine (PLZ) is an antidepressant with anxiolytic properties. Acute and chronic PLZ administration increase brain GABA levels, an effect due, at least in part, to an inhibition of the activity of the GABA metabolizing enzyme, GABA transaminase (GABA-T). 2. Previous preliminary reports have indicated that acute PLZ treatment also elevates brain(More)
Compacted biochar-amended clay (BAC) has been proposed as an alternative landfill final cover material in this study. Biochar has long been proposed to promote crop growth, mitigate odor emission, and promote methane oxidation in field soils. However, previous studies showed that soil-gas permeability was increased upon biochar application, which will(More)
The effects of inulin and mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) on the growth performance and non-specific immunity of grass carp were studied. Two doses of prebiotic fiber with 0.2 or 2% of the fibers are being mixed into fish feed pellets. Fish growth as well as selected non-specific immune parameters of grass carp were tested in a feeding trial, which lasted for 8(More)
Compacted clay is widely used as capillary barriers in landfill final cover system. Recently, biochar amended clay (BAC) has been proposed as a sustainable alternative cover material. However, the effects of biochar on saturated hydraulic conductivity (ksat) of clay with high degree of compaction is not yet understood. The present study aims to investigate(More)
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