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This paper describes a computer system that allows highly interactive visualization of three-dimensional data arrays. Although the system was developed for analysis of image cubes produced by imaging spectrometer instruments, it can be used for visualization of any three-dimensional data array. The design of the system includes a master display process that(More)
[1] The Microscopic Imager (MI) on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has returned images of Mars with higher resolution than any previous camera system, allowing detailed petrographic and sedimentological studies of the rocks and soils at the Meridiani Planum landing site. Designed to simulate a geologist's hand lens, the MI is mounted on Opportunity's(More)
A highly interactive computer graphics system has been implemented for the display and analysis of high-resolution radio images which are produced by the Very Large Array radio telescope being built by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Some of the users of this system are in-house scientists who use the system routinely. However, many of the users(More)
— Specialized software systems have played a crucial role throughout the twenty-five year course of the development of the new technology of imaging spectroscopy, or hyperspectral remote sensing. By their very nature, hyperspectral data place unique and demanding requirements on the computer software used to visualize, analyze, process and interpret them.(More)
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