James Thomas Symanowski

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PURPOSE Vintafolide (EC145) is a folic acid-desacetylvinblastine conjugate that binds to the folate receptor (FR), which is expressed on the majority of epithelial ovarian cancers. This randomized(More)
Our aim was to determine the utility of circulating micro RNA miR-141 as a potential biomarker of therapeutic response in prostate cancer (CaP) patients. We compared the values of miR-141 in plasma(More)
LBA5012b Background: EC145, a conjugate of folic acid and desacetylvinblastine hydrazide binds with high affinity to the folate receptor (FR), found on > 90% of epithelial ovarian cancers. This(More)
Health-related quality of life (QOL) assessment is a key component in patient assessment and the development of therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma. However, no mesothelioma-specific(More)
Temozolomide (TMZ) and BCNU have demonstrated anti-glioma synergism in preclinical models. We report final data from a prospective, multi-institutional study of BCNU wafers and early TMZ followed by(More)