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The explosive increase in the power of computers has enabled the creation of fast, interactive 3D environments, sometimes called virtual reality (VR). This technology, often associated with arcade games, is increasingly being used for more serious applications. This paper describes research showing transfer of skills from a virtual environment to the real(More)
Campus security and police departments have implemented a multitude of safety precautions, including CCTV cameras. The efficiency and effectiveness of using CCTV camera resources for preventing crimes result in higher demand. We implemented a visual analytics tool to analyze the existing CCTV camera resources and suggest improved allocation schemas based on(More)
Searching for medical information on the Internet can be tedious and frustrating due to the number of irrelevant entries returned from generic search engines. We have developed MediAgent, a scalable search engine that aims to deliver a web-based medical search solution which is focused, exhaustive and able to keep improving its databases. The software(More)
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