James T Scott

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Uric acid clearance studies were carried out on a low-purine diet in 22 trans-sexual men before and during oestrogen therapy for this condition (stilboestrol in 21 cases, ethinyloestradiol in one). Plasma uric acid fell in 15 of the subjects and urinary uric acid rose in 17 of 20 subjects in whom satisfactory collections were obtained. These changes are(More)
Between the years 1958 and 1967, 354 patients with gout were examined personally at Hammersmith Hospital (257 cases seen between 1958 and 1967), and more recently at the Charing Cross and West London Hospitals (97 cases seen during 1966 and 1967). This paper describes a retrospective computerassisted analysis of these patients. Some of them were followed(More)
Inflammatory arthritis, tendinitis, and fasciitis after non-specific urethritis ("sexually acquired reactive arthritis" (SARA)) was studied prospectively in 531 men with non-specific urethritis, with particular reference to the frequency of isolation of Chlamydia trachomatis and the presence of HLA-B27. Satisfactory cultures were obtained from the urethral(More)
Case 1, an electrical engineer, had had recurrent gouty arthritis since the age of 14 years. A paternal uncle had also suffered with gout. From the age of 50 onwards numerous tophi appeared on the hands, feet, elbows, and ears. At one time or another he had been given various drugs, including corticosteroid hormones, phenylbutazone, salicylates, and(More)
Serum uric acid (SUA) was measured in 512 men and 254 women from two English regions and in 337 men from one Scottish region. Mean SUA levels were the same in the men (5-5 mg/100 ml) and similar in the women (3-9 and 4-1 mg/100 ml). The apparent rarity of gout in Scotsmen cannot be explained by regional differences in SUA levels or in the prevalence of(More)
Three cases of cardiac valvular disease complicating chronic inflammatory disorders of connective tissue are described. Each underwent surgical valve replacement. The outcome in the first case, a patient with aortitis complicating Reiter's syndrome and in good health otherwise, has been excellent. The other two patients, one with rheumatoid arthritis and(More)