James T Rhea

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Information about pesticides appears in this CAUTION: Pesticides can be injurious to publication. Publican of this information humans, domestic animals, desirable plants, does not constitute endorsement or and fish or other wildlife if not handled or recommendation by the U.S. Department of applied properly. Use all pesticides Agriculture, nor does it imply(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Increasing use of CT for evaluating neurologic disease may expose patients to considerable levels of ionizing radiation. We compared the image quality of low-mAs head CT scans with that of conventional nonenhanced scans. METHODS Conventional head CT scans were obtained in 20 patients (all >65 years with history of non-CNS(More)
One hundred three cases of skull fractures in or around the temporal bone were reviewed for hearing loss. Of these, 100 patients had skull series, 66 had computed tomographic head scans, and 44 had polytomographic studies of the temporal bone. Hearing loss in head trauma can be grouped into four categories: conductive hearing loss, peripheral sensorineural(More)
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