James T. Miller

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A computer-based communications system was established for a quadriplegic patient who suffered a brainstem infarction that left him with normal intelligence, but without speech and without functional motor control except for the thumb of his right hand. An arm brace was developed to support the hand and thumb so it could control two switches that generated(More)
Image retrieval has become an important aspect in today's world as there is rapid growth of digital data day by day. It is required to have efficient search system with fast and accurate retrieval to cater to the need of end user with less computational cost and time. A new content based search system is required to address the problem. In this paper,(More)
We examined skin blood flow (SkBF) and vasomotion in the forearm and leg using laser-Doppler fluxmetry (LDF) and spectral analysis to investigate endothelial, sympathetic, and myogenic activities in response to slow (0.1 °C·10 s(-1)) and fast (0.5 °C·10 s(-1)) local heating. At 33 °C (thermoneutral) endothelial activity was higher in the legs than the(More)
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