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BACKGROUND Developmentally important genes often result in early lethality in knockout animals. Thus, the direct role of genes in late gestation organogenesis cannot be assessed directly. In utero delivery of transgenes was shown previously to result in high efficiency transfer to pulmonary and intestinal epithelial stem cells. Thus, this technology can be(More)
Image retrieval has become an important aspect in today's world as there is rapid growth of digital data day by day. It is required to have efficient search system with fast and accurate retrieval to cater to the need of end user with less computational cost and time. A new content based search system is required to address the problem. In this paper,(More)
Key pecking in pigeons was examined under concurrent and parallel arrangements of two independent and simultaneously available variable-interval schedules. Pecks on the changeover key alternated the schedule of reinforcement for responses on the main key. Under concurrent schedules, discriminative stimuli were paired with the reinforcement schedule arranged(More)
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