James T. Doyle

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—A CMOS subbandgap reference circuit with 1-V supply voltage is described. To obtain subbandgap reference voltages with a 1-V supply voltage, threshold voltage reduction and subthreshold operation techniques are used. Large 1 BE (100 mV) as well as a 90-dB operational amplifier are used to circumvent the amplifier offset. A power-on-reset (POR) circuit is(More)
Abstmct-Two new DAC modeling techniques based on principles of wavelet theory are described in this paper. Macro model and mathematical model are developed for analog and digital circuit simulation, respectively for fast and accurate results using exponential function, damped sine wave, and linear waveform. An 8 bit DAC has been implemented to simulate and(More)
A fully digital self-adjusting high efficiency power supply system has been developed based on an FSM control scheme. The system dynamically monitors circuit performance with a slacktime detector, and provides a substantially constant minimum-supply voltage for digital processors to properly operate at a given frequency with regard to different(More)
A landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) facility in Ste. Sophie, Quebec was instrumented with sensors which measure temperature, oxygen, moisture content, settlement, total earth pressure, electrical conductivity and mounding of leachate. These parameters were monitored during the operating phase of the landfill in order to better understand the biodegradation and(More)
Endoscopic retrograde sphincterotomy was performed on four sedated pigs, ages 3–4 months, using a standard human duodenoscope and papillotome. Sphincterotomies, 1 cm in length, were well-tolerated, and all animals recovered promptly, spontaneously regained gastrointestinal function, and gained weight. The first three animals were sacrificed after one week,(More)
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