James Sundquist

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Membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase activity was stimulated in vitro separately by T4 (10(-10) M) and by epinephrine (10(-6) M). In the presence of a fixed concentration of T4, additions of 10(-8) and 10(-6) M epinephrine reduced the T4 effect on the enzyme. beta-Adrenergic blockade with propranolol (10(-6) M) prevented stimulation by epinephrine of Ca(2+)-ATPase(More)
Apparent oxidation-reduction potentials at pH 7.0 and 25 degrees C were determined using the H2-hydrogenase system with ferredoxins from the following sources: Clostridium pasteurianum, -403 mV; C tartarovorum, -424 mV; C. acidi-urici, -434 mV; Peptococcus aerogenes, -427 mV; Chromatium D, -482 mV (pH 8.0); B. polymyxa, Fd I, -377 mV, and Fd II, -422 mV;(More)
To enable statistical static timing analysis, for each cell in a digital library, a timing model that considers variations must be characterized. In this paper, we propose a dynamic method to accurately and efficiently characterize a cell's delay and output slew as a function of random mismatch variations. Based on a tight error bound for characterization(More)
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