James Strauss

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We developed a laboratory based regimen called GTX which induces synergistic apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer cells. This retrospective review summarizes our clinical experience with GTX in an initial group of 35 patients; 66% untreated and 34% failed prior therapies. All patients treated with GTX for metastatic pancreatic cancer, prior to initiation of(More)
Chordomas represent rare malignant primary bone tumors most often occurring in the sacral area. These tumors uncommonly involve the skin and often follow a progressive course with multiple recurrences, metastases and eventual death. Reports of cutaneous metastases from chordoma are very rare. The immunohistochemical staining characteristics of these(More)
The Internet offers a widely available, inexpensive tool for telepathology consultations. It allows the transfer of image and text files through electronic mail (e-mail) or file transfer protocols (FTP), using a variety of microcomputer platforms. We studied the use of the Internet and "virtual microscopy" tools for the diagnosis of 35 skin biopsies,(More)
The primary change found in cellular material expressed from open comedones of patients who had been treated with isotretinoin was disintegration of desmosomes. Consequently, there was lack of cohesion between cornified cells. A marked decrease in the quantity of sebaceous material and bacteria was also evident within the comedones.
Recent advances in microcomputers and high resolution digital video cameras provide pathologists the opportunity to combine precision optics with digital imaging technology and develop new educational and research tools. We review recent advances in virtual microscopy and describe techniques for viewing digital images using a microcomputer-based workstation(More)
Following 20 weeks of treatment with isotretinoin, sebaceous glands in patients with cystic acne shrank in size. The cells remaining in the sebaceous lobules were mainly mature lipid-filled cells, with some undifferentiated cells still present at the periphery. The ultrastructure of the glands 8 weeks after cessation of treatment was directly related to the(More)
The Internet is a potentially inexpensive, widely available medium for telepathology, but there are concerns about its reliability and security. Using a digital camera, 41 photomicrographs of transbronchial biopsies, at x 100 optical magnification, were captured and digitized at 2700 x 3400 pixel, 24 bit/pixel resolution. The image files were saved in JPEG(More)
Australian sign language, Auslan, uses a combination of hand shapes, positions and movements, as well as facial expressions to communicate. Our ongoing research is to develop an automatic translator that graphically translates English to Auslan. Currently, we have implemented object-oriented C++ graphics libraries to build a whole upper body model. The(More)
A previously undescribed form of a congenital neural hamartoma composed entirely of Schwann cells in a fascicular pattern was found on the leg of a male infant. The lesion was thought to be an unusual variant of plexiform Schwannoma or a newly recognized unencapsulated form of Schwannoma. On light microscopic examination, the lesion, which measured 5 x 4 cm(More)